Kavida Rei IS tantric sex

Kavida Rei 

Kavida Rei ~ Tantric Sex GoddessMulti-Handed Tantric Massage...
 Exquisite authentic tantra body massage

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- Empty the mind of fear and judgement
- Relax and rejuvenate
- Feel aches and pains evaporate
- Immerse yourself in the healing energy of practising tantrikas
- Enter a deep, meditative state without effort
- Receive unconditional love and encounter true bliss

Kavida Rei is in freedom in love, love in freedomEverything has changed

Sensual Spirit has become the outer gateway to a realm of tantric people,
actively creating peace on earth,
practiced through tantra and life fulfillment.
This is a portal
to a whole new life of love and pleasure

Sensual Spirit is home to a golden circle of tantrika goddesses
dancing in freedom. They embody the essence of tantra.
These beautiful and awakened creatures initiate and gently transform men and women through their deep understanding of presence and sensuality.

To find your way,
email Kavida in the first instance.
Let her know who you 'really' are and what gifts you bring to the circle, in some detail.

Inside there are some twenty goddesses who may choose you and begin your transformation into a total lover
~ how you present yourself and your gifts is up to you, they aren't selling anything
but understand that they will be collectively guiding you, passing you from each to each, possibly around the world, shaping your path to ecstacy for you, your own being, your lovers, and for life itself.

To make contact email here:

Tantric Sessions inc Multi-Handed tantra ...................  kavida@kavidarei.com
Entrance to our secluded tantric world .............. kavida@sensual-soirees.com
The Sacred Grove and tantra-spa .......................  kavida@tantrateachers.co.uk

ask about our world and how you might best connect ...into Spa world

We also sometimes train people in tantric touch and conscious energy massage

Local locations - London, Surrey, Hertfordshire,

and all around the world

Write to Kavida here: kavida@kavidarei.com

(Contact for Sensual Spirit tantra dating - sysadmin@kavidarei.com)


Kavida Rei ~ Dance naked with us